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Welcome to Miss Cassidy's Class

Welcome to our class page. This year we have 19 lovely children in Miss Cassidy's Reception class. This page will show and tell you all about the exciting activities your children get up to. 

Important reminders:

  • P.E is on a Tuesday - please ensure your child has a full kit. 
  • Library is on a Tuesday - please ensure your child brings their library book in.
  • Your child is expected to read at least three times a week. 

March 2020

We celebrated World Book Day in March. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, read some of our favourite stories and had a visit from Year 6 who read to us. We read the story 'The Turtle and the Monkey' and made some banana bread. It was delicious! 

We started Forest Fridays this month. We got to explore the woodlands and assess our own risks. We climbed trees, made potions, found a fire pit and made a den. We then looked at some tree trunks and created tree rubbings from the different trees. We found that the big crayons worked best! 

We continued with our 'Down on the Farm' topic and had some new additions to our class. We watched the chicks hatch from their eggs inside the incubator. We all helped look after them by making sure they had food and water. We held them and gave them a lot of strokes and cuddles, we were very gentle. 


February 2020

In February we celebrated Valentines Day. We made cards which opened up to show a special message that the children had wrote themselves! We learned about patterns in maths and created our own love heart patterns using different coloured paints. We also created love potions in the water tray. We had lots of fun!

At the end of February we began our new topic ‘Down on the Farm’. We have read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and we even brought Fluffy (one of our school hens) into the classroom to say hello.

We also celebrated Pancake Day where we made our own pancakes and then chose our favourite topping to put on top. They were delicious!


January 2020

What a fantastic start to the spring term! We have been exploring dragons and dinosaurs for our topic ‘Tails and Scales’. We started our topic by finding a mysterious shiny egg! We really wanted to find out what was inside. We wrote down our predictions. We even found some clues from who the egg may have belonged to... a dragon! We also learned all about Chinese New Year. We made fortune cookies, drums and created a dragon dance to celebrate the tradition.

We then moved on to learning all about dinosaurs. We created a Palaeontologists Den where the children explored in the sand to dig for bones. We went on a class trip to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens where we learnt about fossils and got to see some dinosaurs. There was even a tiny baby dinosaur called Rex who went missing! We would need to find him. The children created lost posters, found some footprints and wrote a letter back to the museum. We then followed instructions on how to catch a baby dragon. Our trap worked, we found him!


December 2019

In December we were greeted by two new friends - kindness elves! The elves brought us acts of kindness challenges each day. So far, we have made new friends, tidied up after each other and wrote nice letters. Every day the elves found new places to hide in the classroom and we loved searching for them. 

Reception, Nursery and Flying Start were fantastic performing 'The Easy Cheesy Nativity'! They worked very hard to learn their lines and songs and when to go on and off the stage. They did a great job of telling the Nativity story and had lots of fun whilst doing it. Well done boys and girls, you were all amazing!

We ended our busy half term with a walk to ASDA, made some cakes, had a Christmas Party and also had a Polar Express PJ party. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Halloween 2019

Reception have enjoyed lots of activities relating to Halloween. We followed some instructions from a witch and made a special potion. We used magic powder and frog’s juice. We even carved a pumpkin for our classroom. We drew around a witch stencil and carefully used the tools to cut the shape and scoop out the inside. 

Reception, Nursery and Flying Start had a fantastic last day of the half-term for our 'Spooktacular Day'. We all came to school dressed in our Halloween outfits ready for a busy day. We enjoyed dancing to spooky music, playing musical statues, apple bobbing, wrapping toilet roll around our friends to turn them into mummies, going on a sweetie hunt and eating pumpkin soup and our mummy biscuits. We had lots of fun.


October 2019

We have learnt the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ off by heart and created a story map to help us retell the story. We have enjoyed playing with some masks of the pigs and the big bad wolf and using them to retell the story. We even changed some of the characters to make the story our own. We have also been sorting and ordering numbers from 1 to 5.

We went on our first trip to Backhouse Park. We were very excited! We walked very carefully and stayed with our partner. When we got to the park, we found different signs of Autumn including conkers and leaves which had fallen. We dropped sticks into the stream and watched as they came out the other side. On our way back to school, we posted the letters we had written to our family.

September 2019

We have had a fantastic first month settling into Reception.

In our first topic, ‘Me, Myself and I’, we have created our very own self-portraits using paints, looking at our facial features and taking selfies. During this topic we have also discussed our families and we have created family trees. Both our self-portraits and family trees are up on display in our cloakroom. We have shared some photographs from when we were babies and even tried to guess who they belonged to, looking at the similarities and differences. We also discussed what we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were babies.

We have really enjoyed our PE lessons this month. We have focused on finding spaces, travelling in different ways, moving with control and playing new games such as ‘traffic lights’.