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Welcome to Miss Hunter's Class

We have 17 fantastic children in Year 6 this year who have already settled in extremely well and shown just how enthusiastic they are. They are all eager to learn and are already working very hard.

Important Dates for your Diary:

  • Every Monday, the children will have PE and this term they will be learning how to play hockey.  They will need indoor P.E. kits which includes plain shorts, plan t-shirt and plain black plimsols or trainers.

  • Every Tuesday the children in Year 6 can take part in a lunchtime football session with Arj. The children will need to have shorts, a t-shirt and suitable footwear for playing outside on the field. This must be different to their P.E. kit

  • On a Tuesday the children will visit the school library and will be able to choose a book to take home and enjoy.

  • The children will be given the opportunity to read on various days throughout the week so should return their reading book daily.

Reminders about Learning at Home: 

  • Children will not be set 'traditional' homework tasks
  • Children are expected to read at home at least 3 times per week, for a minumum of 20 minutes
  • Children will be given spelling, rules rather than words to learn, using activities from their spelling journals
  • Children have access to Times Table Rockstars, Prodigy and Mathletics which will support them with their mental maths calculations. 

Our Natural World

The children were learning about how animals adapt over time in order to be more suited for their environment. We talked about survival of the fittest and the concept of Natural Selection which children were able to explain beautifully. Each child then decided upon their own animal and learnt about how they had evolved in order to survive. Here are some of the examples of their work. Don't you agree that they are absolutely incredible? 


As part of their evolution topic, Year 6 were looking at inheritance. They learnt about how offspring inherit genes from their parents. They then produced some fantastic work linked to Mr Men. They began with a Mr Man and a Little Miss, then they thought clearly about what characteristics their offspring might have. Some of the children were even correctly using the term mutation. It was a fantastic lesson and the work produced by the children was fantastic. 

The children have discovered what their new topic will be for this half term. The children will be learning about Our Natural World. The topic will link science, geography and art together. In geography, the children will learn how mountains and volcanoes are formed. They will also locate mountains around the world on a map using atlases. In science, children's topic will be evolution where they will learn about evolution and inheritance. They will study Charles Darwin's experiments and what he learnt about finches. In art, they will study the work of Rosalind Monks, who creates line drawings of insects and completes them with intricate designs.

Holocaust Memorial Forge Workshop

Year 6 had a fantastic morning working with Darren Witty, who is a blacksmith. Darren brought a forge and set up on our school field. Each of the children were shown how to use the tools correctly in order to make a candle holder. First the children stamped the metal with a number, similar in style to the ones Jewish people were branded with. Then they turned the pancake disk into a bowl. Darren is going to take them back to his workshop and turn them into a larger memorial which will spell the word Frei (the German word for freedom). This project is part of Holocaust Memorial Day to commemorate the Jewish people who died during World War 2. Some of the children asked Darren how he became a blacksmith and were very interested to learn that it was a career they could have themselves. They didn't even mind working in the awful weather!

Anderson Shelters

Year 6 have worked extremely hard in Design Technology. They designed Anderson Shelters, thinking carefully about what properties they needed to have. They also looked at designs and models created by other children and evaluated them. The biggest thing they noticed was that some Anderson shelters had gaps where the door attached to the roof. They knew this wouldn't be very good as an Anderson Shelter was supposed to protect people from an air raid. They, therefore, worked extremely hard on learning about different methods of attaching materials and creating joins. They worked to find the most effective way of creating their own models. They then added the decoration to make them look just as they would in a World War 2 garden. The results are absolutely fantastic. I was also extremely happy to see how well the children worked together. They made sure to help each other when two hands just weren't enough. Excellent team work Year 6SH, I'm super proud!

Bring it on!

Some of the Year 6 children were chosen to take part in a fantastic workshop at the Beacon of Light. The event was a STEM project called Bring it on! When the children got there, they were able to explore lots of exhibitions set up by different companies. The children learnt about different careers they could work in if they followed a science, technology, engineering or maths route. The children absolutely loved learning about electric vehicles and seeing how their components were made. They also loved that they were allowed to drive a digger. All of the children came back from the visit extremely excited and had a fantastic day. 

A fabulous day at Eden Camp

Year 6 visited Eden Camp in North Yorkshire. It is a museum all about World War 2, which is located on an old Prisoner of War site. The children explored each of the huts which taught them about different parts of the war. They learnt about why the war started, which weapons and planes were used, and what life was like for people during World War 2. During the visit, children also watched a puppet show which was all about famous musicians during World War 2. The music lessons with Mrs Bryant King paid off, as the children joined in beautifully with a Vera Lynn song. As well as visiting the huts, children saw planes, tanks and weapons. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

Friends of the Drop in

Year 6 were fortunate enough to have a workshop with Sheree Mack from Friends of the Drop in, an organisation which supports local refugees and migrants. The aim of the session was to develop children's understanding of the different vocabulary they might hear such as refugee, migrant, asylum seeker. They listened to the stories of a refugee from Honduras who shared her reasons for moving to England. The children were then asked three questions; Why might people leave their country? Do they always have a choice? and How would they feel if they had to move countries? Their responses were extremely mature and the children thoroughly enjoyed the session. 

Sunset Silhouettes

Year 6 experimented mixing different shades of paint to create the backdrop for their paintings. They created a depiction of the evening sky over a city. Once that was dry, the children added a dark material which they had designed to look like a cityscape. The children thought about what people during World War 2 would have seen overhead, and including images such as the Luftwaffe or Barrage Balloons in their images. I think you will agree that the results look fantastic! 

Keep Calm and Carry on!

As part of the Courage and Conflict topic, children have been looking at propaganda posters which were displayed around Britain during World War 2. The children looked at the use of the slogans and why the government produced these posters. Children took inspiration from the posters and designed their own propaganda poster. They worked extremely hard to make sure their writing remained a consistent size, that their image filled the whole poster and that there wasn't any dead space. Everyone did a fantastic job, and the results look amazing. 

Some future ICT stars in the making:

This half term, during ICT lessons, children are learning about how the internet works. They are comparing web browsers and their features. They have been looking at the universal language all websites are built in - HTML code. The children used 'Mozilla goggles' to inspect the code on a very basic website. They then improved the website by adding different fonts, sizes, colours, images and hyperlinks. Some of the children also had fun playing a practical joke on Mr McAnaney. They 'edited' the school website and did such a good job that Mr McAnaney thought our website had been hacked! Through this activity, the children also learnt about what was safe to put on the internet and how to use it responsibly! 

Courage and Conflict!

Year 6's first topic is Courage and Conflict, which is a fantastic topic all about World War 2. Children will be learning what life was like for the people of Britain during the war. They will learn the impact the war had on children and the reasons why they were separated from their families. Children will be learning about living through the Blitz and why they weren't able to eat as much chocolate as they wanted. To go along with this topic, children are reading two fantastic books; Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll which is an excellent novel about two young children who are evacuated, and Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti which is the story of a German girl who discovers some 'strange' looking people in the forest near her house. Please ask your children about the books they are reading as I'm sure they will be eager to share what they have read.