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Welcome to Miss Muldowney's Class

A brand new year! 

Welcome to Year 4! We are sure that this will be an exciting year, full of fantastic learning opportunities. We hope this web page will give you a little peek into the world of Year 4!

Information for parents/carers:

  • Skipping - Some of our Y4 children are taking part in a skipping competition in late spring. If the children own any skips at home, please allow them to practice the techniques. If you would like me to give you more information on these techniques that would be perfectly fine.

  • Learning at home - Every Friday our class will be sent home with a learning at home sheet which gives them the opportunity to practice their spellings and times tables. We recommend to do this at least 3 times a week to help with the learning taking place within school.

  • Reading - Please encourage your child to read every day (20 minutes would be ideal). Each child has a reading folder with a book that can be read at home with an adult. If you read with your child, please ensure to sign their diary so they can work their way up our Eager Readers ladder and earn rewards. 

  • Toast - Every Tuesday and Thursday, the children are given toast at break-time served by one of our lovely staff members. This costs 10p for a slice of toast. I have a lovely toast book that keeps a record of the money given and children can either receive change or keep the rest for other days.

  • Fruity Fantasy - On a Friday, the tuck shop is open and the children are able to buy some snacks, drinks and other extras. I have pots within the classroom for each child to keep their money in ready for break-time.

Important days to remember:

  • Monday - Home/School diaries checked and a change of reading books.

  • Tuesday - Times Tables Club 8:30-8:50 (for both parents and children). Toast day and football with Arj every lunchtime for Y4.

  • Wednesday - We have Music and French this day!

  • Thursday - Skipping - please don't forget your PE Kit, it is super important the children practice the skipping ready for the competition. Learning at home sheets are also checked and collected on Thursdays, ready for new learning for a Friday.

  • Friday - Fruity fantasy day and opportunity for golden time!!

March 2020


Shooting our French Pop Song music video - 19.3.20

Over the last few weeks, Madame Blackett and Mrs Bryant-King have been working hard to come up with both music and lyrics for our new pop song competition. It became a hit and we all loved it.

Here are some photos of us filming our music video - the children were naturals:


Investigating Rainforest climate and rainfall - 18.3.20

This was a challenge, but we did it! First we looked at what climate meant and how this looked around the world and in comparison to a rainforest. We also looked at rainfall and did the same. We then created graphs that allowed us to record the numbers we found.


Using key vocabulary to create atmosphere - 13.3.20

In English, we have been reading different stories on the rainforest, including the Vanishing Rainforest and the Great Kapok Tree. This had allowed us to come across a lot of new vocabulary that we sometimes do not understand and we had to research into them. We then realised that this is what causes the right atmosphere for the stories we are reading.

We created our own wordles to refer back to some amazing vocabulary to use in our non-chronological report.

Creating maths dance routines - 12.3.20

We all discussed how the children are great at remembering lyrics and dance routines and noticed how they struggle to remember their times tables. So...

We carefully decided to create a dance routine on the 7x tables to help us remember them!! It was great. Here is a snapshot:


Researching South American countries - 12.3.20

As part of our rainforest topic, we knew the Amazon Rainforest covered many South American countries and we were intrigued so we decided to research them:


Lucikly, we have a child in our class from Honduras and he had a mountain of knowledge already. It was such fun!

Spring Parent Workshop (British Science Week) - 12.3.20

Mrs Miller made a great effort for our Science workshops this week in which parents were invited. The children and parents had cut, shape and decorate milk bottles with nature and spring designs. 


Our parents and children were very creative and the end results were amazing: look at these!!!!


Practicing our 8x tables - 10.3.20

The children have been practicing their 8x tables in many different ways. We love to dance and sing along to our tables and this helps us remember them.

Here is a snapshot of us dancing:


World Book Day Activities!!! - 5.3.20

Class Swap with Y2DC.

The gorgeous children of Year 2 Mrs Dolan/Miss Charlton joined us this morning to read to us in Year 4 and share their favourite books. Year 4 also shared their favourite books with Y2. 


To begin I shared a gorgeous story that I love called Moonbird with the full class, about a baby King being born deaf and dumb and none of his friends or even his family want to communicate with him because they can't. The story is about his family realising that communication comes from not only speech, but hand gestures and facial expressions, and they find peace in being able to talk to their child.


VIP's sharing a French story!

Thanks to Madame Blackett, we were graced with 2 of the amazing VIP's - Very International Pupils - reading us a French story called 'Ours Brun, dis Moi?' meaning 'Brown Bear, what do you see? The children's pronunciation was amazing and they were very brave. My class were lucky to have been learning the French animals so they had a great understanding of the story. Well done to our 2 Y5 VIP's.


Trip to Beamish (Money for Old Rope) - 3.3.20

WHAT A DAY!! We spent the day roaming Beamish Open Air Museum.


The children spent the first half of our day visiting the school, church, and mines to learn about all the different things here at Beamish. It was amazing to listen to the people who work there telling us stories of the old days. We also were able to link some of our Outreach Workshop knowledge to the real life events.

Next, we had our 'Money for Old Rope' workshop. This consisted of the children having to be in the role of Victorian rope factory workers and they had to follow many rules or they would be fined their wages for their shift. The woman who managed the factory made them work in silence to show the realistic ways of working in these times. The children had to work as teams and were fined if they made any mistakes. 


After the work was done they got paid and then had to figure out how much food they could buy with their wages for their families... which they realised... was not much at all!

Beamish Outreach Workshop - 2.3.20

Look at all the amazing photographs of our great afternoon with Hannah from the Beamish Outreach Team. She taught us all about the life of a Victorian child. We looked at the household, who was in it, what it looked like and how everyone lived. It was shocking to find that children would get the last of the bathwater.... it would be cold and dirty! Ew! 


February 2020


Evaluating our robot designs - 11.2.20

After making our 'Remarkable Robots', we had to evaluate our product. We first designed them the way we wanted them to look, however, as always, not always does things work out perfectly and some children had to change their design as it was not practical. In our evaluations, these are the type of things we spoke about - what went well, what would we change, and what had we learned.


Multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 - 10.2.20

The children have been learning multiplication and division and have found this challenging. We have spent our time making sure we are teaching each other what we know and how to avoid mistakes.

PSHE - Jigsaw Jino - 7.2.20

We are still loving our new PSHE scheme, JIGSAW! We have been practicing our sense of calm and how to relax and regulate our emotions with our jigsaw chime bar and sitting comfortably. 

Building our own ROBOT! - 6.2.20

The day finally arrived. After weeks of collecting old recycled materials, we got out our designs and spent the whole afternoon turning rubbish into robots! The children used all our joining techniques to put the pieces together and they came out great...

                           BEFORE                                                               AFTER



January 2020


Mastering our 6x tables - 31.1.20

As a class, we decided that to help us memorise our times tables, we needed to create something we could always refer to, and practice from that was our own. We made times tables posters and started with the 6's to work our way up.

We danced our way through Fred the Red's 6x table dance and had a fun morning in maths!!

Knowing different attachment techniques and joints - 28.1.20

As part of our DT lessons, we need to build our own robot using recycled materials, however, after looking our materials we realised we needed to know exactly how to build and construct. We did our research and found multiple attachment techniques and joints that would help us put together some very odd combinations of materials. 

We used card to create these and practice putting card together so we knew how to do it with our own materials. It was a fun filled lesson. 

'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' maths -28.1.20

The children in Y4KM have had some trouble with mulitplying and dividing by 10 and 100, so today we decided to put it into practice by playing a game of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! It was great... apart from no one won a million pounds. But we won knowledge and great pride. 

Jigsaw Jino Time (Our Dream School) - 24.1.20


The children are loving our new approach to PSHE using Jigsaw Jino. We have been looking at what both a dream and nightmare school looks like and what we can be grateful for in our own school.

The children gave great presentations and reasons for their choices.

They even said there dream school would still include Miss Muldowney - isn't that sweet? Well done Y4.

Investigating good conductors of electricity - 21.1.20

Our Science lessons have been so fun! We have been learning all about electricity and in this lesson we looked at conductors and insulators. The children gathered items that were all different materials - forks, paper clips, coins, pencils, rubbers and rulers - and we created a simple circuit connected to these items to see if they conducted or insulated electricity. 

Click here for a link to one of our amazing children explaining what they were doing.


New games in Times Table club - 21.1.20


Every Tuesday morning, our class host the Times Tables club for both Year 4 children and parents. We play times tables games that help us with our multiplication and division facts up to 12x. Its an extra way to get together and have fun while learning essential maths. The children must play different games every time they come and try apply what they have learned in our lessons.

Get yourself here every Tuesday morning at 8:30 till our bell rings at 8:50!

Who can build the strongest model using art straws to hold pebbles? Y4 can! - 16.1.20


To make our DT knowledge even more fun and exciting, Year 4 decided to use art straws to challenge their construction abilities while developing their team skills. The children were put into teams and had to build a strong model that would hold as many pebbles as possible. They had to make sure their models were joined together correctly and had a strong base to hold. However, they only had 10 minutes to do it.

Our strongest model held........      107 pebbles!!!!

Let's Debate! - 15.1.20

The children had a town debate today. Sadly, the Iron Man has been terrorising our town and we needed to find some solutions to all the problems he is creating. So we got together, and debated what to do.


Some of the problems we faced were: 

  • He was eating all our equipment and anything metal in our town.

  • He is large and could possibly kill us all.

  • He will stop us being able to farm our fields and feed our families.

Here are some of the solutions the children came up with: 

"Allow him to live at a scrapyard and provide him with our old metal or any scrap metal so he does not eat ours and make us lose money."

"Dig a huge hole with a lot of metal in and allow the Iron Man to fall down it to trap him."

"Build a large wall that is strong and big enough that he cannot get into our town."

Pass the smile - 14.1.20

Thanks to our amazing PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) lead, Mrs Dolan, we take part in an annual 'Pass the Smile' which entails one child from each class passing a smile to another class and each class passing a smile to each other. We video the whole thing and its a great way to keep the spirits up in our school. The video is showcased in the reception of our school - next time your in, check it out!

Judo Taster Sessions - 10.1.20

What a fantastic morning at our Judo Taster session. The children had such fun learning all the techniques needed to have fun and learn judo. 


Finding the perimeter of a shape - 7.1.20


While learning all about perimeter, today we had an A5 booklet that had a variety of fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions to help us become masters of perimeter.

We talked through each question and the children had to answer and see how accurate their answers were. We compared answers and looked at where some people had gone wrong and also all the different methods of counting everyone used. 

Presenting our Christmas Viking Projects! - 6.1.20

Some of the children had completed their Viking projects that was assigned to them over Christmas. We presented them to each other and have now put them up for display in the corridor! Very proud.

Some of the fabulous projects included: presentations, Viking settlement models, posters, letters, artefacts, shields, longboats and many more. It was such a productive Christmas break for Y4KM!

Welcome back! Introducing our new topic - Remarkable Robots - 6.1.20

Here comes our new topic!!! Remarkable Robots. We have been so excited to complete this topic as its full of adventure, mystery and fun learning. The children will be delving into the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and create their very own robot using recyclable materials. They will also create their own version of a 5-part story and an animation of the Iron Man on their iPads. 

Let's keep up to date with our amazing activities.

                                       December 2019

KS2 Christmas Party - 16.12.19

Merry Christmas everyone at Grangetown!!! The KS2 Christmas Party was so much fun, the children played classic party games and danced all afternoon in our exciting disco, DJ'd by the one and only, DJ Newby! Y4 were very sensible, and enjoyed their afternoon with their friends. Don't they all look amazing?

Visit to Seafarers Care Home - 12.12.19


Y4 were delighted to be invited to Seafarers Care Home to share some Christmas cheer alongside each other. The children sang Christmas Carols, including Little Donkey, Mary's Boy Child and We Three Kings! The residents adored the children and were so overwhelmed with their beautiful singing. We brought a big sack of books and also read to the residents, and some even read to us. Grangetown should be proud of Y4 as they were superb!!

KS2 Christmas Extravaganza - 11.12.19

After weeks of preparation, singing, acting and dancing, the children finally performed their Christmas Extravaganza twice!! Y4 took part in the grand finale of the 12 days of Christmas. We had 7 swans a swimming, 10 lords a leaping and 11 pipers piping.


The children were very brave in front of both very full audiences and worked their socks off to provide the best entertainment. Well done Y4 and the rest of the Key Stage for being so amazing and sensible during the weeks before and the whole performance.

                                          Full Viking Friday!
Jo Bath (Viking Visitor) Workshop - 06.12.19


On the afternoon, we had an amazing visitor come in called Jo Bath! She knew a lot of information about the Vikings and she shared this with us all. After a practical introduction of how the Vikings first came to Britain and why, the children looked into the way a important Viking would be buried and what type of items would go into the burial. The children used brilliant inference skills to figure out what the items are by thinking about what they looked like in modern day. The children were able to handle artefacts from the past, create flour using seeds and a stone, play Viking made games and look at the language that we use today that came from Viking times.


Parent Workshop - Viking Calendars - 06.12.19

Our first parent workshop of the school year went terrifically. Super pleased with the turnout and all the beautiful Viking calendars created. The children learned all about Viking Runes and picked four of their own that meant a variety of things e.g. peace, money, trust, love etc. The runes they picked were what they wished upon themselves for the next coming year. They used string to make out the shape and put aluminium foil over the top to create the metal affect. The children then added their initials and a calendar tag and were able to take them home! Thanks again to all the parents/carers who attended.


Sketching Viking warriors to show expression - 05.12.19


We looked at the artist 'Jansson Stenger' who focuses on portraits and showing emotion in his facial expressions. As our topic involved knowing about the Vikings, we focussed on the facial expression of a Viking Warrior and how they would feel upon battle. The children used grids to cover a portrait that they had to sketch. We looked at shading techniques, how to hold our pencil and the shade and tone in the image. The outcomes were amazing, and the attitudes of the children changed once they realised how capable they were.

Talk4Writing - 05.12.19

 As part of our topic, we read a myth about the old Viking Gods. It was about Baldur the Good, who was wrongfully killed by Loki, a cunning trickster, who was jealous of him. We used talk for writing by Pie Corbett to fully understand and remember the story. We planned the story using the talk for writing story map and then added actions to the story. Then we used this to adapt and change the story to make it our own!

Knowing the most efficient method of subtraction - 03.12.19


After spending a lot of time mastering the skills of subtraction. We moved onto looking at the best ways to complete certain questions. We looked at column subtraction, counting on, and finding the difference. The children got into teams and were all given the same questions - they had to work out the answer using all three methods and explain which one was more efficient and why. The children came up with reasons such as:

"Finding the difference was much quicker!"

"Column subtraction was easier with the numbers"

November 2019


Creating a persuasive script - 27.11.19

After looking at persuasive techniques such as: exaggeration and descriptive language, we looked into Iceland as a place to visit. This linked with our class text 'Arthur and the Golden Rope', about a boy from an Icelandic Town. The children had to use their research knowledge to write a script persuading someone to go to Iceland for a holiday. The children were great at this and filmed them on their iPads.

Skipping training - 25.11.19


In the late Spring term, 30 of the Y4 children will be taking part in a skipping competition with local schools! In preparation for this, the children needed to train specifically to know which moves were needed to be practiced. Our trainer came in, and taught us a variety of different techniques, such as: the pretzel, speed bounce, face to face and many others. The children had to be quick, on the ball and also working as teams to become the best they could be. We will be practicing from now all the way up until the competition so please could the children have their PE kits in on a Thursday - or maybe get some practice at home.


                Brain Breaks (outside running and inside calm downs)


In Y4, we are such hard workers!!!! We have a pact, that if the children become tired, demotivated or a little worried about their work, we will have a brain break to come back around! This sometimes includes spending 5 mins running off our energy on the yard or 5 mins listening to calm music in the classroom. The children always come back feeling much better and their mental well-being is maintained.

The invasion of the Anglo Saxons in Britain - 19.11.19


We are the Angles, Jutes and Saxons and we have come to invade Britain!

Our history lessons are most definitely the most interesting!! While learning about the invasion of the Anglo Saxons, the children had to take in a lot of information regarding the different groups who came from different countries and often found it confusing. We decided to act out these invasions and get into the groups of the Angles, Jutes and Saxons. We split the classroom into different countries and then attacked Britain. The children could recite what happened much better afterwards.

Practically adding and subtracting four digit numbers - 19.11.19                      

The children in Y4 are now superb at adding and subtracting four digit numbers. To begin our mastery, we had to know how to complete our number sentences using practical resources so we could visualise our answers. The children were happy to try and beat my scores and see who could get the answers the quickest. We even challenged ourselves by looking at exchanging our counters when crossing boundaries.


"I need to exchange 1 of my hundred counters for 10 ten counters"

Persuasive writing - 15.11.19

In our class book, 'Arthur and the Golden Rope', we heard of a famous Professor, who was looking for the best people to visit his famous vault full of ancient Viking artefacts. Using our persuasive techniques, we wrote the man a letter of application in response to his advert. Each group wrote a different section to try persuade Professor Brownstone...



Learning the correct way to jump, twist and land in gymnastics and form routines - 14.11.19 

Before starting our skipping training, we completed some gymnastics in PE, this would help children with their balance, jumping and landing and also teamwork. We practiced our jumping and landing on two feet. Some of the children struggled at first but got much better after their perseverance. Well done on your new routines Y4!


Finding nouns and turning them into noun phrases - 14.11.19


To help us become more specific in our writing, we looked at turning regular nouns into noun phrases. The children took a photograph from Professor Browne's vault in the book and wrote down as many nouns as possible. We then noticed some of the children had already wrote noun phrases without realising. The children compared each other's answers and decided on which was correct. We then wrote our own noun phrases and tried to expand them where necessary.

                                      Anti Bullying Week Activities 

What does bullying look like? - 15.11.19 

As part of Anti Bullying Week, Y4 decided to investigate what bulling looked like? When we realised that bullying isn't just something you can see, we evaluated what is sounds like, and feels like and also how we can make bullying stop! The children spoke about times they have sometimes felt isolated or sad and we spoke about how actions can be seen as elements of bullying, even if they are not meant to be.

The children came up with fantastic ideas to STOP BULLYING and they definitely know how to make others feel better! 

Y4KM and Y6SH class swap - 15.11.19

What a fun morning with Y6SH! Half of my class went to Miss Hunter and I was lucky to receive half of Miss Hunter's class. The children listened to an book called Mr Peabody's Apples, which focuses on the story of a young boy who spreads a rumour to the whole town about his baseball coach. It taught the children to always tell the truth and to never judge a book by its cover. It also taught us to never believe other people unless you know the whole story as this could upset someone and sometimes it can be unrepairable. The children wrote their own stories involving a rumour and shared them will each other.


Workshop with Sharon from IMPACT - 13.11.19

A huge thank you to Sharon from IMPACT for that great workshop during anti bullying week - the children looked at themselves and their emotions. The children were brave speaking in front of each other and were very sensible when showing how they were feeling.

Beamish Open Air Museum - 12.11.19

What an amazing day at Beamish! All of our class went to the open air museum to become detectives in an ongoing murder investigation. A man had been robbed and killed down at the railway station and it was up to us to solve the crime. We looked at the body and picked up all the clues, including packets of cigarettes, an empty bag of cash and a receipt from the bike store. Each team picked a different clue and we went investigating to each area around the town, interviewing people about the victim. This helped us figure out who was our killer and who was our victim. After solving our murder and becoming victorious, we took a tram ride around the museum before stopping off at the gift shop to reward ourselves.


Remembrance Day - 11.11.19


Thanks to Mrs Dolan, the whole school took part in creating a fantastic display ready for Remembrance Day! The children brought in bottles and we cut the bottoms off to create a poppy shaped flower. We painted them red and put black marker in the middle to create a poppy. We then used cable ties to put them on the fence to mark our respect for all those who sacrificed themselves in the war.

The children then watched the live 2 minute silence while taking part and were very respectful and mature when discussing the history of Remembrance Day.


Learning to use a range of sentence openers - 6.11.19

The children have been assessing and editing their own writing, and have found they are starting their sentences with the, and they all of the time!! To improve their work, we looked at all the different ways we could start a sentence. For example:

  • Using a simile

  • Using an adverb

  • Using a verb

  • Using a feeling/emotion

There are many more... they split off into teams and tried to write as many sentences as they could for that specific way of opening a sentence. Then we put them all together and promised to use them as much as we could!


Introducing our new topic - Raiders and Invaders 


Our new topic is called 'Raiders and Invaders' and this term we will be learning all about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and how they invaded Britain. We will be reading 'Arthur and the Golden Rope', which is a story about a boy from an Icelandic town who sets off on an adventure to kill a ferocious, mythical beast that is destroying his town. Little does he know, he is the son of an evil god, and might be harder to catch than he thinks!

Y4 are super excited to get started on this book and see where Arthur's journey takes us...

October 2019


Harvest Festival - 23.10.19

Y4 sang beautifully in the Harvest Festival assembly. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and showed your continued support. The children were amazing at singing the ‘Land of Make Believe’ and really enjoyed performing for you all.

Becoming illustrators like Sarah McIntyre: drawing sea monkeys! - 


The children watched a video from the real illustrator of Oliver and the Seawigs, Sarah McIntyre. They will follow the instructions step by step and practice until their drawings are made perfect. The children were amazing at this and are in the running for fantastic artists. We then wrote a class set of instructions to fully understand how to tell someone else how to draw them.


Using concrete resources to represent 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s - 01.10.19

During our place value unit, we have been making sure we fully understand all our place value terms and how to represent numbers in different ways. We found it very difficult to use our knowledge to answer problems so we broke it down and went back to the beginning. We looked exactly at how many 100s go into 1000 and how many 10s go into 100, etc. After using concrete resources we were able to explain how to work out answers. 

September 2019


Using drama to help plan and understand our writing - 27.9.19

In our class, we have been writing diary entries in the role of our characters in our novel 'Oliver and the Seawigs'. In order to write in the best role possible, we had to act the scenes we were recording in our diary to make sure we knew the sequence of our writing and knew the feelings that came along with that character role. Who knew that Y4 children could turn into trees, mermaids and seaweed! Our writing was superb and Miss Muldowney is super impressed with our use of expanded noun phrases to give our reader some detail.

School Council Elections - 25.9.19 - 26.9.19 

In our school, we pride ourselves with making sure we have the best opportunities through using our school council to be the voice of the children. In Y4 on the 25th we completed our school council speeches with some fabulous words and arguments given! 11 children applied for the important role giving their best ideas and arguments as to why they should win. We then held our school council elections on the 26th giving all our children the right to vote for which children they wanted to represent their class. Well done Molly and Emerson for being elected! You will be superstars.

Trip to Hendon Beach - 16.9.19

Our exciting trip to Hendon Beach was arranged so we could collect some amazing natural items for our seawigs that we were creating ourselves. We were given a bag and some gloves to go digging into the rocks and sand for the best items to win our very own NIGHT OF THE SEAWIGS competition. We will be writing a diary entry for our visit and our own instructions to go with our seawig. You could even make one yourself!

Our first month in Year 4 has been packed with fun learning opportunities as we have became:

  • Artists through creating sea-wigs and drawing sea-monkeys,

  • Writers through writing diaries, instructions, recounts and poems.

  • Mathematicians through rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, counting in 1000's and learning all we need to know about place value.

  • Historians through exploring Ernest Shackleton and his amazing journey to the Antarctic. 

  • Geographers through learning the details about the world map, especially Antarctica.

  • Scientists through investigating the differences between solids, liquids and gases.    

The first two weeks in Y4! 
Introducing our topic - Awesome Adventurers.

Smart Goalsdisplay

While getting to know each other as a new class, we have spent our first couple of weeks creating smart goals for ourselves to figure out what we want to achieve in the upcoming term. Some of our children want to improve their handwriting, spellings, story writing, math skills and even their swimming. After setting these goals we are already on a great path of making sure we achieve them! Well done so far Year 4!

We have also began our new topic - Awesome Adventurers - which leads us to our class book, Oliver and the Seawigs! The children have made some amazing predictions on what they think the story will be about and have wrote their own blurb to match! We have dug deeper into the feelings and appearance of our main character Oliver and have been impersonating him in our writing. Y4KM have took the role on extremely well. So far, I am super impressed with the aspiring writers, book lovers and imaginations we have.