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I'll keep updating this page regularly and if you could keep in touch via our app Tapestry, it would be nice to see how busy you have been and what you have been up to! I will also suggest some other activities and ideas that you can try at home. 

Mrs Mitchell

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Please find a suggested timetable for early years children here


Home Learning Pack 3 - Bears 

 Click on the week below and the activities, links and ideas will link to your home learning pack. This will be updated each week and each week will be added below. 


Week 3- Bear Hunt and Teddy Bears Picnic 


Week 1 - Brown Bear Week 2 - Goldilocks 



Phonics ideas and Maths

Please click the buttons below for all Phonics ideas and Maths songs and videos too 

Maths - rhymes, counting and more Phonics ideas 

Previous Nursery Home Learning Packs:


Home Learning Pack 2 - Space:

Space - Week 3 - Aliens - from 15th June 

Space Week 1 - Whatever Next Space Week 2 - Stars  

Home Learning Pack 1 - Animals:

Week 1 - Down on the Farm Week 2 - Dear Zoo Week 3 - Hungry Caterpillar

Stories and other ideas

Please see below for other ideas to keep you busy and for some stories read by me


Mrs Mitchell reads 10 Little Superheroes

Count down as the 10 little superheroes all disappear. Let's hope they save the day! How did they manage it? Who is your favourite superhero?


Mrs Mitchell reads The Hundred Decker Bus

What happens to this bus one day? Where do they go on their adventures? Which decks get added on the bus? What happens to the bus? Who rescues them?


Mrs Mitchell reads We All Go Travelling By

First of two vehicle stories this week - please join in with the repetitive language within this story. There's lots to see and all of the vehicles all look and sound different in this story. 


Mrs Mitchell reads Supertato Veggie's Assemble

We love Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet at Nursery and in my house.
Second Supertato story - who will be there to save Supertato this time?
Will Evil Pea triumph or will somebody come to rescue Supertato?
Does everything go back to normal?
I hope there's no escap-eas in your house!?


Mrs Mitchell reads Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

A second Sue Hendra story this week - this time it's silly Keith the cat. What is his magic hat? What happens to the magic wand (flake)? Why do the cats hide up the tree? What happens to the dog?


Mrs Mitchell reads Emergency

Thanks to all of the critical and keyworkers, this is for you! How many different important jobs and vehicles can you see?


Mrs Mitchell reads The Bad Tempered Ladybird

Bad Tempered Ladybird today and it's written and illustrated by Eric Carle who is the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar too.
He certainly starts off very grumpy and bad tempered, but does he end up being bad tempered at the end?

Mrs Mitchell reads Garden

Which creepy crawlies, insects and bugs are we going to meet today? Can you go on a bug hunt  - who will you find?


Mrs Mitchell reads Is That a Butterfly?

Hope you are enjoying your hungry caterpillar week? What can you learn today from this story? Where do butterflies lay their eggs? What is a chrysalis?


Hungry Caterpillar Peppermint Creams

We had a go at making these really yummy sweets yesterday and they were so easy to make. We'll be abkle to make them again as we have still got lots of peppermint as you don't need a lot. You don't have to colour them either as they are yummy like this, or you can dip them in chocolate too. Click here to see the recipe we used.


Keeping Healthy - Healthy Hands

Jigsaw Jenie wants to know how you have been getting on with practising your handwashing? Watch what happens when we put some pepper in some water and see the difference with and without soap. If you want to have a go at home, grab yourself a bowl, some pepper, some water and some washing up liquid.


Mrs Mitchell reads Can't You Sleep Little Bear?

Hope your little bears are keeping well and behaving?

  • What is it that Little Bear is scared of? What does Big Bear do to help?
  • What are you scared of?
    I'm scared of spiders and I am sometimes brave enough to find another home for them by catching him and opening the window.


Mrs Mitchell reads Roar at the Zoo

Which animals will we meet at the zoo in this book? What noises do each of the animals make and what do they do?



Home Made Kaleidoscopes

You will need an empty pringles can, silver card or tin foil and card, glue and sequins. An adult will need to nail a small hole in the end of the pringles tube too.


Mrs Mitchell reads Elmer and the Lost Teddy

Here's an Elmer story - I know some of your have been busy in the zoo already and I have seen some of your Elmer milk bottles, they are fantastic!

Mrs Mitchell reads The Very Lazy Lion

I hope you are enjoying your zoo themed week? Here is an animal themed book with some animals you might see in the zoo.

Mrs Mitchell reads What the Ladybird Heard

What did the ladybird hear and what did the animals do as part of their cunning plan? Was it a happy ending? How was the farmer feeling at the end? Who came to help the animals and the farmer?

Mrs Mitchell reads Oliver's Fruit Salad

Oliver is back again - he loves fruit, but not eating it. What different fruit can you see. Would you like to try a fruit salad?

Jigsaw PSHE - Keeping our hands clean 

We use a programme called Jigsaw for our Personal, Social and Emotional Development within school. I did a session with my little boy, here. You can use the questions I ask him, or pause the video and see if they can answer the questions. Discuss together the importance of keeping ourselves clean and more importantly our hands, especially at the moment. Wash your hands together too. Then, there's a calm me time at the end and this can be used on its own. The children usually love to take part in calm me time, it's a time to reflect and the focus on their breathing. We listen carefully to the chime and take a big breath in through our nose and out slowly through our mouth.



Extra Calm me time

This is an extra calm me time, again focusing on their breathing and relaxation. Great to refocus and bring calm and relaxation. We listen carefully to the chime and take a big breath in through our nose and out slowly through our mouth.

Mrs Mitchell reads Oliver's Milkshake

We read Oliver's Vegetables in Nursery when he stayed over at his Grandad's house. Read this story and find out all about how Oliver makes his milkshake by visiting the farm! Where can he get the ingredients he needs? What else can you get on the farm and where from?


Mrs Mitchell reads The Tiger Who Came to Tea

What happened to Sophie and her Mummy? Who visited them? What happened to their lovely tea? What would you do if a tiger came to your house?


Potato Printing

We had a go at potato printing this week and it went so well. We cut the potatoes with biscuit cutters and this meant we didn't have to cut all of the potatoes by hand. You could make lovely pictures and patterns with this.

Mrs Mitchell reads Guess How Much I Love You

Aw, love this story. Enjoy this with your own Little Nutbrown Hare!

Click here and here for some activity sheets to accompany this story too.

Wish/Dream Jar

We have started a wish/dream jar in our house. Everytime we think of somewhere or wish that we could go and visit a place to do an activity or to eat some food we are writing it down and adding it to the jar. Then, when things start to reopen we can choose an idea from the jar. We pinched this lovely idea from Ethan - thank you!

Mini Science - Magical pencils through the bag experiment

We tested out the of what will happen if we poke sharp pencils through a plastic bag of water.  I posed the question "What will happen if we poke the pencils into a bag full of water?" Will the water leak through the holes? Will the water spill out? Or will the bag reseal around the pencils, keeping the water inside?

Keep adding pencils, add as many as you like. Before removing the pencils, take a moment to talk about what you see. When the pencil goes into the bag, the bag seems to magically seal itself around the pencil.

More here and the science behind it.


Mrs Mitchell reads Each Peach Pear Plum

Which characters can you spot and where do you know them from? What are they doing?

Mrs Mitchell reads Kitchen Disco

What different fruit did you spot in this story? What happened at the end when the boy and girl found the fruit having a disco? What is your favourite fruit? How do you think it would move in the kitchen disco?


Celery Colour Experiment

Celery experiment we did last week. Had some at the back of the fridge. We chopped it and left it in water that we out food colouring in and watched as it changed colour over 24 hours. We learned how the celery and plants take in the water and it travels up the stem and out of the leaves

Mrs Mitchell reads Peace at Last

You could draw or make a bear picture and stick it in your window, as some people are creating bears so when people go for their daily walk they can have a bear hunt.

You could get your teddy bear and have a teddy bears picnic too.

Magic Pictures

You need some kitchen roll, felt tips and a bowl of water. I took one piece of kitchen roll and cut in in half. So each piece of kitchen roll makes 2 magic pictures. Fold your rectangle of kitchen paper in half so you have a square to draw on and it's like a book. Draw an incomplete picture on the front of the kitchen roll and then a complete picture on the inside, e.g. a bare tree on the front and a tree with leaves inside or a circle on the front and a smiley face inside. Then, when you have finished, drop your folded kitchen paper book into the water and the complete picture shows through. You could get someone to guess what the magic picture is going to be.

Mrs Mitchell reads Handa's Surprise

Mrs Mitchell reads Five Minutes Peace

Hope you all manage to get 5 minutes Peace, or close to :)

Chocolate/sweet making

If you do have any leftover Easter chocolate still, or fancy trying some chocolate baking/making in the kitchen with a grown up then check out 2 ideas for you to try below. Please update Tapestry if you want to upload anything you make or get upto at home too.

1. 3 ingredient fudge

4 x bars of white chocolate (or chocolate chips), biscuits and 1 x tin of condensed milk.

We broke up the chocolate bars and placed them in the bowl with the condensed milk and heated until the chocolate melted, stirring it every 30 seconds. We crushed up the biscuits (we chose oreos) and then placed them into our tin.

We then poured the melted mixture into the tin, before adding more of the crushed biscuits on the top and chilled it overnight before cutting.

2. Chocolate pennies/lollies

I drew around a tin onto some baking paper so we had a rough circle to aim for. We used some leftover Easter chocolate and melted it in the microwave. We then placed a couple of spoons onto the paper and smoothed it over. You can add sprinkles on the top or if you have any lollypop sticks you could push a stick into it too to make a lolly. Let them set in the fridge or in a cool place.

Mrs Mitchell reads We're Going on an Egg Hunt

Last story of the week - enjoy your Easter Weekend. If you haven't got any plastic eggs, try hiding some other toys you have in your house, e.g. cars or animals. Where did you find them? Did you need to look under, go around or over obstacles?


Mrs Mitchell reads Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

Mr Bunny is a mean bunny when he gets really greedy. How did he change? What is your favourite sweets/chocolate?

See below the video for a bunny related craft


Click here or the image below to have a try at making your own handprint bunnies. All you need is a piece of paper, pencils and some scissors.


Our Easter Eggsperiments

Today, we have placed eggs in a jar with some vinegar in. We're going to check back tomorrow to see what happens - what do you think will happen to the egg shell?

We have also been launching plastic eggs and experimenting how to make them travel further and higher.

Mrs Mitchell reads Thomas and the Easter Egg Hunt

Where will Thomas and his friends find the Easter eggs? See below for Easter themed activities this week


Mrs Mitchell reads Poppy and Sam's Easter egg hunt

See below for Easter themed ideas for this week. How many eggs will Poppy and Sam find? What will they find on the way?


Easter activity Ideas for this week

This week is Easter, so here are a few activities and ideas that I will be trying at home. I will also read and record a couple of Easter themed stories too over the week. It would be lovely to see your Easter crafts, egg hunts or other activities you have been busy doing this week with your photos or videos on Tapestry.

  •  Egg hunt (inside or outside). This links to lots of areas of learning, here are two of them: Maths as can count the eggs and discuss the position of the eggs; Communication and language as the children will be following instructions and sharing their thoughts and describing where the eggs were.
  • Dying hard boiled eggs with food colouring, click here
  • Easter crispy cakes, (you could use micro eggs instead), click here
  • Please click here, or the image below for some Easter science experiments


Also, click the White Rose Maths image above, or click here to access lots of different activities and ideas based around Easter. Click on Week 1 to view the Easter activities.


Simple Science - Dancing Stick Man

We did this simple science experiment the other day and tried it out a few times. You will need:

  • dry, clean dinner plate
  • dry wipe marker
  • water

Draw a stick man, or any other shape, making sure it's all joined together. Then, slowly pour the water on/around the drawing. The water will lift off the drawing. If it does not lift off completely, then give it it little help with the lid off the pen. Then, you can wiggle the plate and make the drawing move. 

Mrs Mitchell reads The Gruffalo's Child


So, it's April today, did you get fooled by any April Fools Day jokes? 

See below for our story, as requested by Brandon. We will have the sequel to The Gruffalo tomorrow.

Mrs Mitchell reads The Gruffalo

Weather is still cold, crumble sounds like a good idea to make after reading this story.
Draw pictures of the gruffalo and think about what he looks like, labelling him.
Could you add extra characters into the story - what else would you find in the wood?
There's some fantastic games here too..




We have had a request from Brandon for The Gruffalo, so watch this space tomorrow! Any other requests for stories, either a theme or a specific book then please get in touch via Tapestry. Lots of you have been sending in photos and messages to let us know how you are doing and what you have been upto, so please keep thoise coming.


Please find one of our favourites and also one of our core stories in Nursery being read aloud below. Why not have a try at making your own Supertatos at home, drawing faces on some potatoes and making capes. Or, you could freeze some peas/small toys in ice cube trays and try to free them. If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? I think if I was Supertato then I would like to be able to freeze things, then I could freeze Evil Pea very quickly to return him back to the freezer.



10 Little Dinosaurs

Please find 10 Little Dinosaurs read below, as requested by Ethan 🦖😀. You could use this alongside Andy's dinosaur adventures to learn dinosaur facts. If you have dinosaurs in your house then you could go on a dinosaur hunt, hiding them around the house. You could paint dinosaurs and their footprints or do some dinosaur shadow art.



Owl Babies Bedtime Story

We love this story in Nursery - I have retold this story using puppets today. Enjoy!

You could link as part of an animals theme and mother's and their babies. Or, it could lead into light and dark theme and learning about nocturnal animals too.
I think I'd be like Sarah and try to be as brave as I could, who would you be? Were they worried about their Mum? Where could she have gone?



Bedtime Story - We're going on a Bear Hunt

Our first bedtime story is We're going on a Bear Hunt which we love in Nursery. More stories to come soon.



Retro party dances - active time

This morning we have moved around to some retro party dances and listening carefully to the instructions. Here's Superman below for you to try at home



Volcano Eruption video

Please find your first video where we made a volcano at home. Watch what happens to the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!

 Eruption up close



Your caption here