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Home learning Pack 2

WEEK 2 - How to catch a star

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Welcome to the second week of our second pack of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email


Tuesday Update


Star Spotting

We enjoyed 'star' spotting with a colander and a phone torch under it. We created a den under a table with some sheets and shut the blinds. So magical and this lasted a long time. 



How to Catch a Star

  • What did the boy want? He tried and thought of some different ways to try to catch the star – what were they? Why did the star in the water disappear? What was the star that the boy caught?


How to Catch a Star animation


Star Catching Invention

  • Can you design your own star catching invention and can you draw your own star?
  • What would you like to do with your star?
  • We made a jar and started filling it with wishes and dreams that we would like to do when everything starts to reopen (picture below), you could try this too. 


Disney Short - La Luna

  • What was the boy climbing up to? What is the shape of the objects on the moon? What are they sweeping on the moon? What were they doing on the moon? How many characters are there?


Mrs Mitchell reads Beegu

  • What is Beegu? Where is she?
  • How is she feeling? Would you feel the same way?
  • How did she get to Earth? Did her parents find her?
  • Who was the best friends that she found?


Mrs Mitchell reads Starlight

  • Who is Starlight? What is the little girl called who has Starlight?
  • When do they go on their adventures? Where did they go?


Stars, Stars, Stars

Watch this animation of Stars, Stars, Stars by Bob Barner. by clicking here or the picture above. A great introduction to the solar system, stars, planets, moon and the sun. What is the sun? What is it like on the moon?


Glitter Writing

  • If you have got some glitter or salt (or could mix both together), then you could have a try at some glitter writing. Put it on a baking try and encourage name or letter writing. You could draw some stars, rockets or planets with your fingers too.


Scared Pepper/Germs experiment 

  • If you have some glitter you could sprinkle some into water. so it's like stars, or some pepper like Mrs Mitchell did. The pepper/glitter is representing the germs and then they get scared when the soap is near them. Grab a cotton bud, or use your finger, what happens to the glitter? Try it again with dipping your finger or cotton bud into some washing up liquid. What happens to the glitter now? It is just like the scared pepper experiment that Mrs Mitchell did – watch what happens to the pepper. 


Stars on the ceiling

  • Close the curtains in a room in your house so you can make it dark, or make a den. Then grab a colander and a torch (or torch on a phone). Place the torch under the colander and it will look like stars on your ceiling.


Night and Day

  • Watch this video of how the sky changes at night. What can you see?
  • Look outside during the day and compare the night sky to the sky during the day, discuss the difference between the two.

Day and Night Picture

  • After watching the video above, you could make your own day and night picture, see below for some examples. You could include house, or just focus on the sky. What can you see in the sky during the day and what can you only see at night?


Crayon resist space painting

  • Use the crayons in your pack to draw planets, stars, rockets and colour them in on white paper. If you have some paint or food colouring, put a dark colour into some water and brush over the picture. What happens to the crayon drawings? Watch Mrs Mitchell make her pictures below.


Star, moons and planets printing

  • If you have a star cutter at home, then you could dip it into paint and print lots of stars onto the black paper in your pack. You could also cut a star out of a potato to use as a template for dipping in the paint. Or, you could dip a cup into paint and print lots of moons/planets.


 I Spy game

  • What can you spot on the I Spy sheet in your pack? You could play the game and use colours as clues, or initial sounds, e.g. I Spy something purple or I Spy something beginning with ‘s’. Make sure you tick the sheet when you have found the items too.


Cbeebies Space Jigsaws

Click here, or the picture above to access the space jigsaws. Choose from easy 6 piece, medium 8 piece or hard 12 piece jigsaws all with a space theme.



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Join in with a lovely Nursery favourite - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star nursery rhyme. We all know and love this song!


Catch a Falling Star

Watch this video of Catch a Falling Star by Perry Como and watch the different night sky and star pictures as you listen to this lovely song.