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Week 2 - Home Learning - Dear Zoo

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Welcome to Week 2 of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email


Mrs Mitchell reads Dear Zoo

Stop and pause after each animal is introduced. Can you guess which animal is in the crate? Talk about the animals that have been sent – would it be a good animal to keep as a pet and why not? Discuss favourite animals.

Animated Story of Dear Zoo

  • Do you have any pets? Can you draw your pet or your favourite animal? Can you have a go, or write the name of your pet/favourite animal together.

Virtual Zoo visit

  • You could create your own tickets to attend the zoo
  • After watching some of the virtual zoo links below, think about what you have learned about the different animals, or how the zoo looks after them.
  • Discuss the noises do the animals in the zoo make and look closely at their patterns and colours too.
  • Try making your own book from a sheet of paper, like the one below. On each page you could draw a picture of a different animal. With a grown up, you could label your picture.

Making a paper book from 1 sheet of paper

Watch my video on how to quickly make a small book from 1 piece of paper


Chester Zoo

Click here to visit the Chester Zoo youtube page where you can choose which animals that you would like to visit.

Blippi visits the Zoo

What happens when Blippi visits the zoo? He meets a range of large and small animals - how many different animals does he meet? What did you learn about the animals?

3D animals in Google

Can you find any animals in your house? Type in one of the animal names below on Google on your tablet or mobile device and click on 'view in 3D'. This worked best on my smartphone and not an apple ipad. Below is what you see at the top of the results page when you type in ‘tiger’ on Google.

Animals available to view in 3D:

  • lion,  tiger,  cheetah,  shark,  hedgehog,  duck,  emperor penguin,  wolf,  angler fish,  goat,  rottweiler
  • snakes,  eagle,  brown bear,  alligator,  horse,  shetland pony,  macaw,  pug,  turtle,  cat,  octopus,  dog
  • deer,  golden retriever

Here is a selection of the animals we found.

Animal Fruit sculptures

Try making an animal fruit sculpture or animal face. Or, you can cut up some fruit and make an animal fruit face. This would be a yummy snack or dessert! We made a hedgehog, see below

Paper Mache Animal Masks

If you have a balloon hiding in a drawer, some newspaper and some flour then you could make your own paper mache animal mask. We made our own glue making flour and this is included on the video below too. We looked at some designs on the internet and chose a monkey design. This also kept us busy for a few days as we had to leave it to dry for a day in between the layers of newspaper.


Elmer Milk Bottles

Grab an empty milk bottle, rinse it and let it dry. Then, cut off the top and grab any scrap paper and some glue. We used some of the leftover flour glue. Great cutting skills to cut the paper into squares, or you can just rip it up too. My two really enjoyed making these.

Other stories

Mrs Mitchell reads Handa's Surprise

What does Handa put in her basket? Count and name the pieces of fruit and count down each time those pesky animals pinch an item of fruit. Can you name the animals that take the fruit? What is the surprise for Handa at the end? 

Mrs Mitchell reads The Tiger who came to Tea

What happened to Sophie and her Mum when the tiger rang the doorbell? What did he eat and drink? What happened after the tiger had gone home? What did they do? What did they buy incase he ever came again?

The Zoo Vet - from Twinkl





Watch the ebook video and read it together with a grown up, pausing at each page. What does a vet do? Which animals does he help? What happens to the vet?

Click here to read the story together


Giraffe's Can't Dance

What happens to Gerald the Giraffe at the annual Jungle Dance? How does he feel? What happens when the cricket plays the violin? How is Gerald feeling at the end?


Giraffe Spots Game

Using the giraffe outline in your pack, can you put pieces of cereal onto the giraffe? You could use a dice from another game and after rolling the dice, place that number of spots onto the giraffe. Or, you could write numbers on the inside of the giraffe outline and ask them to find a specific number, placing a spot onto a given number, to encourage number recognition. Or, just give your child a number of spots to place onto the giraffe - can they stop at that given number? Then, they can eat the cereal after the game :).

Zoo Sorting Game

Can you sort the land and water animals and the visitors to the zoo in the correct places?

Click here to play

What's through the Binoculars?

Can you guess what you are looking at through the binoculars?

Click here to play the video

Who am I? 

Which animals are hiding? Listen to the riddles and watch the clues


Cosmic Kids Yoga - Jungle Safari

Can you copy the movements and move like some of the animals you find in a zoo?

Mrs Mitchell sings 5 Little Monkeys

Can you join in at home - show me your 5 fingers and count down as each cheeky monkey falls off the bed

Penguin Song

Can you copy the movements of the penguin?

We're Going to the Zoo

Listen to this catchy song all about visiting the zoo - I hope you've had fun this week visiting the zoo!?

Dear Zoo Song

Song based on the book, singing our way through Dear Zoo. Why was each pet not a suitable pet?