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Week 3 - Home Learning - Hungry Caterpillar

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Welcome to Week 3 of our Home Learning packs, please find the links and activities from your packs below and extra ideas and activities too. We can't wait to see what have been doing this week. Please keep in touch via Tapestry or email

Wednesday update - 

Mrs Mitchell reads Is that a Butterfly?

Hope you are enjoying your hungry caterpillar week? What can you learn today from this story? Where do butterflies lay their eggs? What is a chrysalis?


Tuesday Update - 

Extra Maths ideas 


There are also some maths activities and some good ideas to dip into over on the White Rose hub early years section under Summer Term week 3 all about The Hungry Caterpillar. Click here to visit.


Hungry Caterpillar Peppermint Creams

We had a go at making these really yummy sweets yesterday and they were so easy to make. We'll be abkle to make them again as we have still got lots of peppermint as you don't need a lot. You don't have to colour them either as they are yummy like this, or you can dip them in chocolate too. Click here to see the recipe we used.



Mrs Mitchell reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Emphasise the repeated vocabulary while reading the book – “he was still hungry” and encourage your child to say what he eats next and to say any phrases they know from the book.

  • Look at the illustrations within the book, encouraging your child to name the fruit and food. Can they count the pieces of fruit that he eats each day?

  • When reading the story, discuss which day of the week it will be next – what day was the previous day? See below for extra activities, songs and ideas to link to the days of the week.

  • Look at some of the words that they may not know or understand, e.g. cocoon – what is a cocoon? Look at what happens to the caterpillar after he leaves the cocoon – what has happened?

What is your favourite food?

What did the caterpillar eat? What is your favourite fruit or vegetable? What is your favourite food or meal? Could you draw this? You could have a go at labelling this and writing underneath what it is with the help of a grown up.

All about me caterpillar

Using the the template in your pack, can you make your own caterpillar all about you, with a grown up? A grown up can help write your answers and this is lovely to keep. You could colour it in with pencils too.


Cautious Caterpillar - ebook from Twinkl

What is Cody the caterpillar worried about? What can you learn about caterpillars by reading this story? What happened to Cody?


Non-Fiction book - Butterflies

You can also read this non-fiction book all about butterflies together, click here to view this.


Watch and Learn - The Life of a Butterfly

Using a mixture of photographs and videos, watch this beautiful video of the life of a butterfly. Discuss the words together, linking to the Hungry Caterpillar, e.g. chrysalis

Click here to watch the video


Caterpillar life cycle - Song/story and game

Click here to watch Waiting for Wings - a musical version of the book and learn about the life cycle of the caterpillar and butterfly.

After reading and watching some of the stories above, why not have a try at looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar. Click the button below to drag and drop the pictures and put them into the correct order

Caterpillar life cycle 


Hungry Caterpillar Maths Problems

Watch the video that I created, together and pausing it when it moves to the next question. Listen carefully and help me and the Hungry Caterpillar know how much he has eaten. For some of the questions you have to count how many there are, for some you have to count how many there are after he has eaten some and you have to count two groups of food for some of the problems. Why not have a go in your house making your own problems and counting your snack or pieces of play food.


Painted Butterfly Picture

We all had lots of fun making these folded painted butterfly pictures. We folded the paper in half and only needed to paint one half, before squashing it down before the paint dried. If you have some paint at home, you could have a go.



Other suggestions for butterfly crafts you could try this week

  • You could cut up and decorate an empty egg box to look like the Hungry Caterpillar.
  • You could use an empty toilet roll and cut up some cardboard from an empty box, and then decorate for a butterfly


Skittles Experiment

All of those colours in the Hungry Caterpillar book made us want to create our own mini experiment in the house. If you have some skittles, then grab a plate and some water too. If not, watch what happens when we add the water. What do you think will happen? We only had the smoothies skittles, but this worls so much better with original skittles, see the photo at the end when we did this before in Nursery.


Days of the Week

Discuss what day it is today, what day it was yesterday and what it will be tomorrow. Why don’t you join in at home to help remember the days of the week and their order.

Sorting activity

Have a go at sorting and ordering the days of the week together, using post it notes or paper. We wrote the days of the week on post-it notes, then we ordered them. I drew the food that the Hungry Caterpillar ate and we matched that to the correct day too. You could do this too by drawing, using some real/play food. There is also an activity, adapted from Twinkl you could use this for too.

click here for twinkl sorting activity

If you click the collage image below you can view it larger too.


Hungry Caterpillar game

Click the button below to download the 'Greedy Caterpillar' game which is based on the Hungry Caterpillar, follow the instructions to make your caterpillar hatch and to eat the pieces of food. Watch and play along as the caterpillar changes.

Greedy Caterpillar game 

Code-a-pillar app

There is a free app by Fisher Price called 'Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar' available on the play store and the apple app store too, image is below. The age recommendation is 4+ and is ideal for Nursery. Use some early computing/coding skills to navigate the code-a-pillar through the maze to eat the leaves.

CBeebies My World Kitchen game

Click the button to play along on CBeebies, cooking all sorts of delicious food that I am sure that the caterpillar would love to eat! Remember to stay safe and was those hands too!

cbeebies world kitchen game 

Healthy Lunchbox game

You could have a go at the game below, or gather some food from your own house. Look at the different foods together and discuss healthy foods and that we can have treats too, but not all of the time.

Healthy Lunchbox game 


There's a Tiny Caterpillar on a leaf song



 Flitter Flutter Butterflies