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Year 3 - miss stell

Hello Year 3 and welcome to our Home Learning page! On this page I will post activities, lesson ideas and recommended web pages or apps for you to use to help with your learning.

Online Learning

The children should already have their login details for some fabulous websites to help them practice the basic skills of reading, spelling, times tables and mental calculations. However, if you do need any login information please contact the school on and we will send them out to you. These are some of the websites which we use in school and they cover many aspects of reading, writing and maths. These websites are:

Week beginning Monday 29th June


Your picture for writing this week is called ‘Watch and Learn’.


This week in maths your activities are all about angles. There are three types of angles that you will need to identify.

Acute angles are angles less than 90 degrees

Obtuse angles are angles more than 90 degrees

Right angles are 90 degrees

Can you look around your house and see if you can identify any angles?


This week you have been given a list of capital cities and your task is to find out which country and continent they are in. You then need to choose one country to research and fill in the fact file. I would love to see what you find out! Please email your work to

Week beginning Monday 22nd June


Your picture for writing this week is called ‘Doors’.

This picture has many opportunities for creative writing  where might the doors take you to? Can you think of any familiar stories where the characters go through doors into magical places? 


For maths this week I would like you to learn about how many days there are in each month of the Year. 
Can you remember the rhyme to help you? There is also a times a tables booklet included in your pack. Remember you can access TT Rockstars to help learn your times tables too. 


This week in your pack your activities are all about capital cities. Can you name any capital cities? Can you use the internet to find the names of capital cities? Can you create a fact file about our capital city?


This week your science activities are all about sound. You could complete a sound walk around your house to see what you can hear.

Week beginning Monday 15th June


Your picture for writing this week is called ‘In the ocean’.


This week I would like you to practise telling the time. You have a clock in your pack to help you and a template to make one of your own. There are some activities on white rose maths to help you.


This weeks Geography activities are all about countries of the world. Can you choose one country to create a fact file about? Which of the countries you have researched would you most like to visit and why?

Week beginning Monday 8th June


Your picture for writing this week is called 'Around the World'. 

Here is the picture in colour. 


This week your maths activities are all about working with numbers to 1000. You will be finding 10 more, 10 less, 100 more and 100 less. You will also be partitioning numbers. 


For geography this week you will be locating countries and finding out which continent they belong to. 

Week beginning Monday 1st June


Here is the picture 'Tunnel in the Hedge' which you can also find in your learning pack with lots of ideas for writing.


This week your maths is looking at shape. There are lots of activities in your learning packs but here are some additional ideas.

Week beginning Monday 18th May

Remember to keep sending your work in via email


This week in your learning pack you have activities relating to the image 'First Flight'. I have added the photo in colour below.


White rose home learning - This week the maths on white rose hub is all about fractions. Have a go at the activities, watching the videos to help you. At school we do lots of practical activities to support our learning of fractions. You could try cutting a pizza into fractions with an adult or sharing some sweets equally with others in your house.

Week beginning Monday 11th May


This week in your learning pack I have asked you to write a letter to me. Remember to use your neatest handwriting and send it to 

For English this week I have also asked you to reflect on our Autumn term visit to Broom House Farm in order to create a thank you for the Tom Cowie Trust. To help you remember the visit I have added a collage of photos from the day. 


White Rose Maths have some additional multiplication and division activities on their website with videos to help explain the methods used. 

Friday 8th May - VE Day

Today is the 75th anniversary of VE day. Below are some activities you may wish to complete today. 

To find out more about VE day click on this link and read the first page.

You could create your own medal using the template here.

You could complete a word search here.

You could complete the thought bubbles here

Week beginning Monday 4th May


Click here to see the picture from your learning pack in colour. 

Additional English activities for this week: 

Complete a book review for one of your books on bug club. 

Write a diary entry in first person, in role as the girl in the picture.

Write some speech between the girl and her parents when she returns. What might she tell them about her trip? How might they be feeling? 


Your spellings for this week are words ending with the suffix 'ly'. A list of root words with an activity for each day is in your learning pack. 


White Rose Home Learning This week in school we would have been looking at money. On this website you will find activities relating to converting money, adding and subtracting amounts of money. 

In your home learning packs you will find activities relating to addition and subtraction. In school so far this year we have learnt how to use the column method for addition and subtraction. We have also learnt methods for completing calculations in our heads. 


Caring for an animal - write a guide to caring for an animal. You might want to think about your own pets if you have one or you might like to focus on one of the animals of the rainforest which we learnt about in school. You could use the internet to research the animal and find out what it likes to eat and what kind of habitat it lives in.

Remember you can send pieces of your work to 

Week beginning Monday 27th April


White Rose Home Learning This week our maths is adding and subtracting fractions. Watch the videos first to help you answer the questions. 



Log onto bug club (please contact the school office if you need your log in details) and choose one of your books to read. Once you have finished it and answered the questions, write a review of the book. Here are some ideas of things you could include in your book review. 

You could design a new front cover for the book.

You could write a summary of the book. 

You could create a new blurb for the book. 

You could explain what your favourite part of the story is and why. 

Here are two examples of what a book review could look like:

Spelling and Handwriting 

This week I would like you to practise adding suffixes to root words. Remember, a suffix goes at the end of a word. We have already worked on adding these suffixes to root words in school so please practise them in the different methods (rainbow writing, pyramid writing, look say cover write check)  then practise writing them in your neatest handwriting. I have put a copy of our handwriting style on here for you. 

Suffixes: 'ed' 'ing' 's' 'es' 'ness' 'ful' 'less' and 'ly' 

Root Words: hope, care, share, like, smile, phone, use, bake, hop, chat, clap, plan

See if you can remember the rules for adding suffixes to these words. See if there are any words that you can add two different suffixes to. 


Art Apart - Have a go at playing this fun art themed game with someone in your family. See if you can use some of the shading methods that we learnt earlier this year. 

Week beginning Monday 20th April


For English this week I would like you to read the following sentences and write down any words which you think have been written with the wrong spelling. With an adult at home, see if you can correct the spelling then re-write the sentences in your neatest handwriting. You could then create your own sentences using those words.

That girl is really beautyful.

I cannt come out today.

The broshure from the hotel looks grate.

Dont brake that window!

There sleeping over at my friends house tonight.

You have made to many mistakes.


Have a read of The Ultimate Jungle Survival Guide and see if you can answer the questions. Look up any of the words which you are unsure of and see if you can then write down a definition of these words.


This weeks spellings are words that have a 'k' sound. You could practise these spellings using any of the methods we do in school such as rainbow writing, bubble writing and the pyramid method.

Spellings: ache, anchor, Christmas, school, choir, echo


White Rose Home Learning - Use this website to access videos and tasks relating to fractions.

Week beginning Monday 6th April 

As this would have been the first week of your Easter holidays, I will be posting Easter themed activities throughout the week for you to do at home with your families. 

The Easter Story - This link will take you to a presentation of the Easter story. You could create a story map to help you learn the story and then re-tell it to your family. You could also use a sheet of paper to make a book in which you could re-tell the story. 

Easter Activities - Activity Village have some lovely Easter activities. 

White Rose Maths have some lovely Easter themed maths activities. 

Week beginning Monday 30th March

Hello, we hope that you are all well and staying safe at home.

Below is an overview of things that we would have been covering in school this week and some suggested activities that you could do at home.


To create a leaflet – In school this week we would have been creating a leaflet all about the rainforest. Whilst at home it would be lovely if the children could create a leaflet of their own all about the rainforest. The children learnt lots of interesting facts about the rainforest but they could use the internet to research the topic further. On the leaflet challenge the children to include images, sub-headings and factual information. This could be created using one sheet of A4 paper folded into three sections. I can’t wait to see your creative leaflets when we get back to school.



Fractions of amounts – children could be given a number of objects (for example 40 cheerios) and share them into eighths. The children could experiment to see what happens if they share them by other numbers. Children should begin to realise that if they shared 40 by all numbers within 10 they will sometimes have some left over and it will not share equally.


This half term we have been looking at a map of the world and locating rainforests. Challenge the children and see if they can name the seven continents and see if they can locate the equator, Tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricorn on a map of the world. 

Using a map (there are some clear ones available to download on twinkle for free), children should learn the names of four countries in the southern hemisphere and four countries in the northern hemisphere.

Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

Activities that children could practice during this time are:

  • Tying shoe laces - there are many video clips on line to help like this one Tying your shoe lace

  • Learning how to tell the time - children could even make their own paper plate clocks to help them.

  • Pobble365 - This is a fantastic site to help with writing. There is a different picture every day, with five different activities including asking questions about the pictures or giving the children a 'story start'.

  • Twinkl - The Twinkl Home Learning Hub - a fabulous site that has lots of different activities and ideas that change every day.

  • White Rose Home Learning - has a lesson for each day. There is a short video to watch and then a page of activities (and an answer sheet for adults). In week 2, the Year 3 maths continues looking at fractions - fractions of objects and fractions that are the same.

  • The Maths Factor - Another very good maths resource - Carol Vorderman has made lots of video clips for the children to watch, with activities for the children to complete.

  • Classroom Secrets - have a Home Learning Pack for Year 3 including work for Maths, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Reading and Practical Ideas

  • IXL - you could use with the children for English and Maths

  • Supermovers - is also a great site where children can sing along and dance as they learn their times tables. By the end of year 3, children should confidently know their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x tables

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - leads the children through wonderful adventures and stories, they practice yoga, mindfulness and relaxation.

Here are lots of different challenges and activities that you could try:

25 Day Drawing Task  100 things to do indoors Fun ideas 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt  Kim's Game  Help Children Learn